Pregnancy Exercise Quinns Rocks – “Mums-To-Be”

Safe and effective Pregnancy Exercise Personal Training is currently available in Quinns Rocks, WA only.

Places are limited and bookings are essential. Research now proves an active pregnancy is the best way to go, most of the benefits are listed below, but there are also many more.

• Pregnancy Exercise is SAFE!
• Safe pregnancy exercise classes helps to keep your muscles toned as well as improve your posture!
• Research has proven that it can also enhance your baby’s growth and development
• Staying fit during your pregnancy means you will be able to regain your pre-pregnancy body shape faster after birth.

Pregnancy Exercise Personal Training is done one-on-one for a more personal service, which is recommended during pregnancy. For an 8 week program including 2 half hour PT sessions a week it is only $300, If is also possible to slip into a beginners Post-natal class if Personal Training is not an option, please contact me if you would like more info on this option on or 0400219746

Anna Gibbons from Active Mums leads an ‘Active Mums-to-be’ exercise group on the ‘Good Morning’ show on TVNZ

Benefits from Exercising During Pregnancy

Improves mood swings

Less physical discomfort

Controls weight gain

Improves circulation

Sleep better

Quicker Post-natal recovery

Easier, shorter and less complicated labour

Fitter and Happier Pregnancy

Prevents low-back pain

Improve transfer of oxygen (gas exchanges) at the placenta

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of life. Maureen Hawkins