You can now do the Mums in Action 8 week Post-baby shape up course in the comfort of your own home, even with online Qualified Trainer Support.
• No need for Creche fees
• Concern about exposure in a traditional gym
• Post-Baby body concerns

Mums in Motion is an 8 Week Post-Baby shape up course, designed especially for Mums who are not sure how to get back into exercise safely, or not sure where to start. Babies and kids can be included in the workouts so there’s no need to worry about childcare. All you need is a Fitball and a Resistance Band, both available fairly cheap in most department stores.

What you get:

• Intro Videos to get you motivated, teach you to check your abs, and get started safely
• Documentation with relevant readings, info and homework to do between videos?
• 8 Weekly workout videos, increasing in intensity each week
• 8 Weekly intro videos to explain the process and requirements for each week
• Weekly Skype call with a Qualified Trainer, specialising in Post-natal Fitness (if purchased as a support package)


A Sample of the videos you will receive weekly

From the Mothers Mouth:

“Thanks so much Angela, I have loved being a part of the trial you ran for this, and getting my body back into shape, I will definitely be recommend the course to my friends. Thanks, Leanne ”

“Excellent, motivating course that gave results in a happy, supportive environment to share with your baby, Sarah”

“Fun and enlightening….. learnt that it is quality not quantity to get results, Anne”

“Great program to get your body ready to go back to what you were doing pre-motherhood, Thanks Kate”

Postnatal exercise can be hard for some but we ease you into it with this program so don't be afraid everyone has to start somewhere, its doesn't matter how old your baby is.

One of the Active Mums philosophies is that once you start, you keep going... ‘Groups in Action‘

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